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    Parklands Boys High School::Home


    Our Vision:
    To become a centre for quality learning aimed at national development and global excellence.

    Mission Statement:
    To train and equip the learner with education, to fit in the global institution of education and handle environmental and social challenges.

    Our Motto:
    Arise and Shine





    Core Values:

    -Education: To provide quality education to the students that focuses on all round excellence.

    -Staff: Staff members are an important asset to the school. All the teachers are employed by the teacher’s service commission; the school also motivates its staff member’s i.e. giving 10’ o’clock and 4 o’clock tea etc.

    -Innovativeness: To encourage innovativeness among students and members of staff.

    -Teamwork: To embrace the spirit of team work among the employees of parklands boys’ high school.

    -Corporate social responsibility: To participate in events that are aimed at the general welfare of
    The society e.g.Dettol Heart Run, Freedom from hunger Walk


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